About Jedi Renovations, Inc.

We have over 30 years of experience in historical renovation, home remodeling, and fabricating cabinets and furniture.  We proudly use local craftsmen, who themselves have the experience of high-end, exclusive furniture fabrication from a now gone local Evansville furniture manufacturer

Jedi Renovations, Inc. is a prominent contractor in historic Downtown Evansville, restoring residential properties back to their original grandeur.  Jedi Renovations, Inc. can precisely replicate doors, windows, stairs, and moulding profiles using hardwoods and period-specific construction.  The homes restored by Jedi Renovations, Inc. will again stand the test of time to grace Downtown Evansville for decades to come. 

Jedi Renovations, Inc. and the JRI Woodworks craftsmen have the skills to build and install any type of cabinets for your home.   Whether you choose fully custom crafted cabinets, or choose from our quality supplier, from design to divine, Jedi Renovations, Inc. is your remodeling partner. 


Our Process

Renovating and rejuvenating from floor to ceiling, from door to door, and even expansions.  We can move or remove walls for the modern, open floor concept you'll love - and add value to your home.

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

We appreciate that each customer is unique.  We listen to your ideas and learn your influencers to design your personal, customized space.  Whether you prefer traditional and warm, historic farmhouse, or modern, Jedi Renovations, Inc. can match your ideas with the many options for doors, pulls, wood species, and color.

Renovation Equipment

Design & Construction Estimate

The estimates you receive from Jedi Renovations, Inc. itemizes the cabinets to be installed, plus we provide the allowances for all other services - like electrical, plumbing, painting, and tiling - so that you know up front the estimate for the complete project.  



We have a reputation for a neat and clean job site.  We carefully manage our footprint while in your home and take measures to keep the work space - and the rest of your home - clean and safe.  

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

The Finishing


With Jedi Renovations, Inc., your journey toward your new space will be frustration-free.  And you will love the results!


Create your dream space.
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